Run Your Day Morning Mindset Planner | Mindset Mavens
Run Your Day Morning Mindset Planner | Mindset Mavens
Run Your Day Morning Mindset Planner | Mindset Mavens

Run Your Day Morning Mindset Planner | Mindset Mavens

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This planner is designed to help you rock a morning routine. We (the creators) are both moms who struggled with postpartum depression. Taking charge of how our days started helped us take back our joy. We want to help other women feel less overwhelm and anxiety and more peace and excitement. It starts with mindset and making a plan.

This planner allows you to organize everything in your life, from grocery store runs to work presentations to planning a birthday party. Plus we have peppered in some jolts of gratitude and prompts you can choose to incorporate to your week. On each planner page you'll also find a positive affirmation. This planner will lift your spirits while helping you cross things off your list faster.

Note: it is 7 x 10 inches and lasts for four months

This mindset driven planner came from a place of personal need. We don’t have perfect lives but we have better lives because we have taken ownership over how our days begin and end. We know it will help you take control and feel more joy in your day. Life is not meant to be compartmentalized. All of the roles you have in life will cross over. Don’t fight it, let them work in harmony. We suggest you use this planner for all parts of your life. Whether it is ordering supplies for a bachelorette party, prepping for a speech at the local chamber dinner or trying out a new recipe.

Science shows us that having a list and crossing things off makes us happy. Your brain releases dopamine, a happy chemical that comes from being productive. The more you cross off, the happier you get, but the more productive you get too. Science has also proven that setting an intention and writing it down instantly ups your chances of it coming true.

This planner is designed to be fun and an easy-to-use guide that doesn’t become overwhelming. We suggest you fill out “Get Excited for Your Week” on Sundays. You will get an overview of your week and instantly feel more prepared. Then use it each morning to jot down all of the things you want to accomplish in your days. From “must happen” tasks at work to running errands to a workout. Self-care is at the top because it is what fuels a happy, productive life. You must be on your list. That might look like a group fitness class, a massage, time to read, etc. Anything that makes you feel your best. Of course, most of us don’t actually cross it all off in the 18 hours or so we are awake, so this planner makes it easy to quickly look back at what you missed the previous day or two. We suggest you make it a goal to have all of your desired actions crossed off by the end of the week.